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I´m Back

2013-03-19 10:39:29 by Visilveira

It´s been a while since I´ve posted something in here.. so.. here I´m!

Got some new art work comming :D

Merry Xmass to you all!!

2012-12-24 06:48:28 by Visilveira

I wish you all a merry Xmass!!!!! and a Happy new year!!!!!

god dammit

2012-12-19 05:52:52 by Visilveira

I´m having some trouble to finish my last draw :/


2012-12-11 06:09:12 by Visilveira

I managed to have time do draw Again.
hope you guys enjoy it


2012-12-06 10:42:45 by Visilveira

It´s hot like hell in here!!!

Jefferson *

2012-12-04 12:42:00 by Visilveira

Ok, just finishd the first hand made conceptual art of "JEFFERSON" from GO<= Project :D

I´ll be submiting it soon :D


2012-12-03 13:00:03 by Visilveira

I really need to buy a drawing tablet for me.. using the mouse all these years.. is making me feel a lil antique...
and unprofessional


2012-12-03 05:39:55 by Visilveira

Good morning everyone!! this is a great day!!

I really like this song and the video clip, gives me good vibes :)


2012-12-02 13:23:38 by Visilveira

I had an amazing night with my Gf and friends!

extremely fun!

but it´s time to work a lil

Let the carnage begins!!!

2012-12-01 11:51:05 by Visilveira

It´s time for cleaning up the house and drawn some new stuffs!